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Virus & Threat Protection

A virus is an executable program or file which replicates or multiplies by inserting copies of it into other computer programs, Operating system areas and into personal files.
Different viruses performs different type of harmful activities such as accessing private information, corrupting data, corrupting users operating system, spamming users contacts and displaying political or humorous messages on the users screens.

Common symptoms indicate your computer is infected with a virus:
  • Applications on your computer don't work correctly.
  • Unfamiliar programs installed on your computer.
  • Questions about installing and uninstalling new applications
  • Your antivirus program is disabled, and you cannot run it.
  • The computer takes a long time to boot up
  • Computer is running slower than normal
  • System's safety and defense mechanisms failure
  • Typical program errors and messages
  • Unwanted pop up coming up on screen
  • Web Browser opening Unwanted Sites or poping up programs to install
  • Helpful common maintenance tips and practices windows
  • Windows Has encounter a problem and shuting down your computer

In this era of technology everybody owns one or more computers. RTS technical technical support team is experienced and well equipped to help infected users professionally.

Our technical specialists will promptly connect to your computer, We will Fix and Protect you from:
  • Virus Problems
  • Trojan Problems
  • Spyware Issues
  • Adware Issues
  • Keylogger Issues
  • Slow Computer Issues
  • Slow Boot Up Issues

We do not only protect our customer from these unwanted disruptions we also educate our customers from future disruptions.
All the executive team members have extensive experience in technical support, business development, and customer support streams. Each and every member of the team values each and every customer and has passionate about raising the bar in quality of service. The company has emerged as one of the leaders in the technical support service for consumers.

Mission and Vision :Our commitment is to provide the best quality of service to our clients in compliance with the highest quality standards. To us it is a shared ideal that inspires and drives us. To you it is our promise that the unparalleled quality of our skills and services will deliver real and relevant value to your processes, products and brands.