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100% Customer Satisfaction is the first and foremost priority for us. We understand that technology is a major part of our life cycle and how important is for you to be connected 24/7. Octa Techies team is committed round the clock to provide you the best solution.Right way, Right away!

The experts at Octa Techies can offer you the best technical support that you deserve. Technology is changing so rapidly that you ought to trust only technical specialists with your personal computer. We use the best tools to connect remotely to your computer, Secure the sensitive data, Diagnose the problem, Fix the problem and Protect it so it would never happen again

If you are serious about protecting your computer or email from viruses, malware and other threats then Octa Techies technical specialists can assure you to provide the best solution. We can provide custom technical assistance to match your needs. Our team will make sure that you will obtain the care you deserve the very first time, every time.

Devices We support


We support all the major brands and all the Operating systems like Windows, MAC, UNIX and Linux. Our technical experts understands in this technology world how important is for you to be connected 24/7. Our technical experts will promptly resolve any problem with your Computer and we will educate you how to protect your computer from future threats.


Our support team will not only bring your laptop up to the speed but they will educate you How can you troubleshoot certain miner issues by your self. They will backup your personal critical data and then they will protect your laptop from futures threats like Virus, Malware and Slow computer issues.

Mobile Devices.

In this era of technology where technology is changing every minute it is really important to protect your Mobile devices. Our technical experts will address all the problems on your mobile device like application performance, network connection, slow performance and hanging issues. Even our experts will provide you the solution to secure your personal information on your mobile device.

Available Services

Computer Care

We support all the major brands of computer manufacturers. We provide you the right technical support whether your computer is running slow or you have problems with Virus, Malware, Printer, Modem, Router, software applications, Email, Wireless or Networking problems. Our team will hold your hand and will walk you through with the best solution Right way, Right away!

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How many times we have heard from our OEM computer makers "Sorry we donot support Data Loss". But we have the experts who will give 100% to save your data. We provide help to backup all your files and important data and some time we have recovered data after formatting of computer too. So we provide best solution for your computers

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Cloud Computing

We provide industries best solutions in Cloud Computing for many small and medium size businesses. Our solutions will keep customers business efficiency and IT costs lower by having all the servers, data storages, applications and IT services virtually in the “Cloud”.

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Network Solutions

Octa Techies Support team has expertise in network Design, Implementation, Optimization and Real time network monitoring. We understand how important to have redundancy in the network. We proactively monitor the network with the most effective way to identify and address potential issues, mitigating the risk of data loss or disruptive downtime.

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Octa Techies Support provides different security utilities as to protect your data and computer performance . This prevents you to avoid hazards of Virus, Malware, and Identity theft data loss from your computer with complete relaxation of surfing web without any thoughts in mind.

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